ALFALINK Overseas Study

Do you have any plan or goal to study overseas? Studying overseas offers you the experience of a life time and many tangible benefits. By studying overseas, you will grow to be a confident, independent, and responsible person, equipping you for a successful career in the future.  With classmates from around the world, you get better understanding of other parts of the world that cannot gleaned from traveling as a tourist or from reading a textbook.

So tell us what do you expect from your overseas study?

You will gain and achieve memorable experience during your study. But long before you go abroad, you need to prepare yourself and all things required. It’s not so hard, but it needs good preparation. It also helps if you have an experienced partner, such as ALFALINK Counselors, for preparing your study overseas.

We provide these services FREE of Charge (*):

  1. Administration
  2. Overseas study consultation
  3. Applying applications
  4. English placement test
  5. Academic report / transcript translation
  6. Arrangement of:
    • Student Visa
    • Airline Reservation
    • Finding an Accommodation
    • Arranging Airport Pick Up

(*)  Conditions applied

With more than 200 affiliated education institution partners, you could have wide choice for all your overseas studies opportunities.

Easy Step to Study Overseas

  1. Prepare Your English Language Proficiency

Studying in English-speaking countries requires a proof of your English proficiency,  usually in the form of TOEFL or IELTS Test result.  If you are not confident enough to do the test, then please prepare for those tests. You can join ALFALINK English Course. Learning the tips, tricks and even shortcuts to achieve great result with our experienced teachers.

  1. Consult Your Study Plan

Setting goals and planning of your study are strongly important. To get the most out of your study, You need to discuss your preferred majors and degrees with an expert who could deliver you to achieve your goals and dreams in the future. You can also learn about the different options for financial aids or the correct institution that fits you.

You can also search independently online. Attending international education expo or info session will get you the opportunity to talk with official representatives of your preferred university. If you are looking for the actual experience of being an overseas student, consider joining study tour program. 

Still confused? You can consult with ALFALINK Counselor, whom you can contact at the nearest office phone or Whatsapp. By contacting ALFALINK Counselor, you will get understanding about the admission requirement, local culture, tuition and estimated living cost as well.

  1. Apply to the Intended University

Since individual program has different requirements, you need to know the documents and application forms to submit before the deadline. If you are busy with your school life, try to prioritize your tasks with a planner so you won’t miss any deadlines. You can also contact our experienced Education Counselor who can assist you with all your document submissions. ALFALINK Counselor will also update you on the progress of your application. Consider sending your application as early as possible, so you won’t get a headache later on!

  1. Apply Student Visa

When you receive the letter of acceptance from the institution, you must then check whether or not you have a student visa. If you haven’t gotten one already, ALFALINK Visa officer is ready to help you to get your visa. Consider submitting your relevant VISA supporting documents earlier on, as the Visa approval process can take several months.

  1. Arrange Accommodation, Flight Ticket, & Airport Pick-up

Another issue you should discuss with your parents is about accommodation. Confirm with our counselor if your chosen institution has campus accommodation, so you take up residence near your campus.  If such accommodation is not available, you can try finding other types of accommodation, such as renting a flat or looking for shared accommodation with other students or friends. You can also ask our Education Counselor to find local accommodation.

  1. Pre Departure Briefing

Just before you depart, ALFALINK will invite you to a pre-departure briefing to prepare you for your journey abroad. We will discuss common topics such as things to pack, dealing with culture shock, and preparing documents for arrival and immigration compliance.

  1. Arrive and Start Your Study

It’s your time! You are ready to start your own journey. Be Excited! Keep us in touch!  ALFALINK Education Counselor is always here to be your study partner. So, if you have any difficulties abroad, you can talk to ALFALINK counselor or International Student Staff in your institution. Have a big smile on your face and be ready to achieve your future dreams.

Students Speak Up!

  • Stella Ierawan Iwawo
    Alumnus of SMAK Rajawali, Makassar
    UTS: Insearch, Sydney, Australia
    "Nothing is better than ALFALINK when it is about studying abroad. They provide all the info i need and made everything easier for me to get into the University that I intended. Thank you ALFALINK"
  • Arnadya Paramitha P.
    Alumnus of SMA Al-Izhar, Jakarta
    Bachelor of Engineering,
    Curtin University, Perth, Australia
    ALFALINK helped me to find the right university for me. I’m so thankful that I made my decision, to move here with the help from ALFALINK.
    ALFALINK worked fast and also efficiently.
  • Ade Daniel Patty
    Alumnus of Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta
    Master of Arts in Communication and Language Studies,
    University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
    ALFALINK telah membukakan saya pintu untuk melihat belahan dunia lain. ALFALINK terbukti dan berpengalaman dalam membantu para calon mahasiswa untuk dapat menempuh pendidikan di luar negeri.
  • Hana May Sumampouw
    Universitas Kristen Petra, Surabaya Alumnus
    Master of Global Media Communication
    The University of Melbourne, Australia
    Ketika ada teman atau rekan yang menanyakan proses untuk dapat menempuh pendidikan di luar negeri, saya tidak ragu untuk merekomendasikan ALFALINK kepada mereka. Terima kasih ALFALINK !
  • Karina Rachmadi
    Alumnus of Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung
    Master of Professional Communication,
    Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia
    The experienced consultants has helped me preparing my grad study by giving me professional advice. ALFALINK would also organize student gathering event from time to time, which is not only fun but also useful.
  • Tifanny Novianna Wibisono
    Alumnus of SMA Kolese Loyola, Semarang
    Associate Degree in Science
    North Seattle Community College, Washington, USA
    ALFALINK provided me information about overseas study, and other things needed. They are so friendly and treat you as family that you won't be bored being at the office all day long
  • Evelyn Indriati
    Alumnus of YPPI 1, Surabaya
    Le Cordon Bleu, Melbourne, Australia
    I want to say thank you to all members of ALFALINK for help me to go this school which is Le Cordon Bleu, without any problem and study what I dream of. Futhermore they explain all of the information clearly to me and my family. I would definitely recommend their services.
  • Gaby Purnamasari Rusli
    Alumnus of SMA Dian Harapan, Makassar
    Associate Degree (Business),
    Edmonds Community College, Washington, USA
    I've always known that I would someday study in the US because it is a part of my plan and I've always known I'd pick ALFALINK because they are no doubt the best when it comes to helping me achieve my dream.
  • Arini Chandra Mulyono
    Alumnus of Curtin Singapore, Singapore
    Master of Banking & Finance
    Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
    I have received ALFALINK's friendly assistance for both my Bachelor and Master degree applications in such an easy, and pleasant experience; was certainly an understatement. They were able to perfectly interpret my needs as well as circumstances to the best available option.