ALFALINK English Course

ALFALINK English Course (AEC) is a language training centre which is specifically designed to improve English language skills in academic and general English setting, especially for those who want to continue their studies overseas.

With a structured program, ALFALINK English Course (AEC) has helped students to succeed in TOEFL, IELTS and a range of other school entrance tests. Conducted in small classes, tutors in ALFALINK English Course (AEC) is ready to adjust the classes according to student learning styles and needs.

Programs Offered:

  • TOEFL iBT Preparation
  • IELTS Preparation
  • SAT Preparation
  • TOEFL PBT Preparation
  • EAP (English for Academic Purposes)
  • General English
  • IELTS Online


Many students have studied and tested with us with good result. Here are the top 10 reasons they mentioned for studying with us:

  1. Helps me with my test preparation.
  2. Gives me lots of tips and tricks
  3. Gives me a picture of the real test
  4. Lots of exercises
  5. Fast progress to reach target score
  6. Materials are designed to meet students’ needs
  7. Friendly & helpful teachers/staff
  8. Fun classes, good time
  9. Convinient & comfortable classroom
  10. More Convenient & Cost saving

Students Speak Up!

  • Marvin Kristian T
    SMA Kr. Cita Hati - East, Surabaya
    TOEFL iBT Score 94
    ALFALINK English Course has helped me with my TOEFL preparation.
    The class that I took was fun, thanks ALFALINK.
  • Sherlyn Elysabeth
    SMA Kr. Cita Hati – East, Surabaya Alumnus
    TOEFL iBT Score 100
    Studying in ALFALINK was very effective since they actually prepare us with exercises. Therefore, we can understand and get used to the questions in TOEFL iBT. With almost
    4 months of preparation, I think ALFALINK is the reason why i could achieve my goal.
  • Michele Setyadi
    Alumnus of SMA Kolese Loyola, Semarang
    TOEFL iBT Score 97
    This course has guided and gave me a picture of the real test. I took several simulations to help me prepare. Turned out that there are many tips and tricks to be used in TOEFL. Hopefully others could receive good result as I did.
  • Lani Diana
    Alumnus of SMA Kr. Petra 1, Surabaya
    English for Academic Purpose Program Student
    The friendly teachers and convenient classrooms made my learning session far from boring. They always helped and gave me some useful tips. The result was so amazing, I was accepted at the major I had chosen. I also feel satisfied with taking EAP program which prepare myself for university life.
  • Kristoforus Gary Prayogo
    SMA Kr. Masa Depan Cerah, Surabaya
    IELTS Score 7.0
     My score stucked at 4.5 at first. With the help of the teachers, I am increasing not only in score but my confident. And eventually i got 7. ALFALINK English Course has a great classroom which allows each student to be able to concentrate well.
  • Timotius Putra Pujianto
    SMA Karang Turi, Semarang
    IELTS Score 7.0
    ALFALINK English Course helps me to improve my English significantly. The teachers provided the best lesson and materials. They also gave some tips and tricks to achieve higher IELTS score. Thank you AEC and ALFALINK Staff for helping me to achieve my dream.
  • Kathleen Sujatno
    SMA Kr. Cita Hati - East, Surabaya
    TOEFL iBT Score 97
    Thank you ALFALINK English Course for the never ending drills and supports that encourage me to push myself
    in order to get the best score.
  • Michelle Nathania Wijaya
    SMA Karangturi, Semarang
    IELTS Score 7.5
    Learning in ALFALINK English Course helps me to improve my English significantly. Thank you ALFALINK English Course for the useful lesson!
  • Caroline Melania
    SMA Kr. Gloria 2, Surabaya Alumnus
    IELTS Score 7.0
    ALFALINK English Course took care of my IELTS preparation and my result is really satisfying because I got higher score than my university's requirement. Moreover, the staff and teachers
    in ALFALINK are really friendly and helpful for me.